Do uncomfortable things more often

Self development is not always easy and making decisions are not always comfortable. You have to commit to your decision, take responsibility for it and live with its consequences. These are all things that people try to avoid in life. It goes against the natural tendency of a free spirit with which we are born. The well self developed life do not shy away from this. As you do more uncomfortable things, making harsh decisions will become easier.

For example, when working from home, especially in the beginning the freedom that came along with it had a negative effect. As I became accustomed to the liberties, making small decisions took more effort in comparison to when I worked full time. After a long day of obedience to a full time boss, doing little chores like the dishes or cleaning up was easier. It was almost appealing to do them, when viewed in the same light as running a report or making an update for some manager.

When all the decisions you make are fun, free and for yourself it looses its appeal. Your self development suffers as a result. That’s why people volunteer, do favors and offer their time. Because in the end it raises the value of personal time and decisions. People might say they do these things because of their honest inner goodness and it might be true, but it is also because of the personal reward. This is not a bad thing, because in the end everyone benefits.

So with this mindset, go on out and do some uncomfortable things.  Do them as good as you can. Stick with them from beginning to end. The character that you build during this time will provide you with a strong decision making mindset.

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